Pars Flower Pot Company staff members have all a common opinion and it is the environmental protection.

All of us are familiar with galvanized sheets, from the past years until now, we have seen or used the cooler channels of the houses, some gable roofs of the houses, especially in the northern parts of the country, and bolder of them, the old galvanized pots.

We have concluded that the galvanized space in the field of flowers and plants is very empty, therefore, we thought to produce a multipurpose product that is both helpful to less plastic use and also with a look to the past.

Some of the products

The products of the Pars Flower Pot Company can be multipurpose (trash can, Rice container, Sugar, toys, and presents, and many other.)

Pars Flower Pot Company tries to satisfy most of the tastes of our lovely people.

The objectives of the company:

The first objective of the Pars Flower Pot Company is in the field of plants and flowers. But, soon some products will be presented in the area of gardening tools and home appliances.